Our School

Gaelscoil Chill Mhantáin Mission Statement

Gaelscoil Chill Mhantáin is an all Irish, Christian Interdenominational school, under the patronage of Foras Pátrúnachta na Scoileanna Lánghaeilge Teo, in which Irish is the language through which business and communication are made, the language in which every subject is taught with the exception of English, the language of communication between the teachers and pupils and between the pupils themselves in the school, in the yard, on the school bus and on the school grounds at all times.


The Gaelscoil welcomes pupils from every denomination and non-denomination, even though it functions under a joint catholic/protestant ethos. That means that the school gives the same recognition to both the catholic and protestant ethos.

School life should impact positively on the pupils during their time here in the Gaelscoil and they should have positive memories about the school in later life. It is the aim of the Gaelscoil to nurture the goodness in each child and bring it to fruition and to encourage the pupils to look for goodness in the world around them.

We envisage this occuring in an atmosphere of mutual respect where all members of the school community feel happy and secure working in a spirit of encouragement and enthuasism while recognising and celebrating diversity.

We envisage in the Gaelscoil a professional caring staff co-operative,diligent and motivated, who are open to new and innovative approaches and ideas and we envisage a school where they are valued and respected.
We envisage parents who are supportive of the school and who are committed to and interested in their children’s learning.

We envisage a Bord of Management that is supportive of the school and well informed of the work of the school, which is open and discrete and which is appreciative of the needs of the staff and partners and who actively encourage personal and professional development.