Board of Management Meeting October 2021

Board of Management Meeting October 2021

Maintenance of New School building:
The Board discussed various aspects of the maintenance of the new school building. Work on the one year snag list will commence soon and a few small issues have arisen. Various contracts such as for alarm, lift,heating etc. will also need to be renegociated after the year is up.

Substitute Teacher Crisis:
The Board discussed the ongoing substitute teacher crisis. The school principal will now give a report to the board of Management, at each meeting, on the number of teacher absences and the number of times that those absences had to be filled by the principal, or the Special Education Team because no substitute teacher could be found.

Encouraging the Use of Irish in the School:
Congratulations to everyone on the new initiative to encourage more use of Irish in school and betwen school and home. Special thanks to múinteoir Susan who is in charge of its organisation.

Pedestrian Gates:
A planning application for two pedestrian gates and footpaths has been lodged with the Wicklow County Council. It should take five to six weeks to get a decision on it providing there are no objections.

New School Inspector:
Caitríona ní Bhriain has been appointed as our new school inspector.

Class Teaching Hours:
The Department of Education has given schools extra teaching hours to each school nationally based on the number of pupils enrolled in the school. These hours are know as CLASS (Covid Learning And Support Scheme)hours. These extra teaching hours are to help student who the school recognise as having fallen behind in their education due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our school has been given 375hrs for the 2021/22 school year. The school will employ a substitute teacher to utitise these hours beginnng from the 11th October

Little Kickers:
Little Kickers will be renting the school hall every Saturday from 10:00am – 1:00pm to hold football classes for pre-school children, starting from 23rd October.