Board of Management Meeting April 2021

Board of Management Meeting April 2021

Child Protection Training:
Online training has be organised for board members for 17th May. The training will include the responsiblilities on the board, the DLP, Deputy DLP and the staff under the new guidelines.

School Staff:
The Department of Education have issued the staff retention figures for the coming school year. According to the figures the school will have the same number of staff for next year.

Pedestrian Gates:
The board discussed the problem caused by the absence of pedestrian gates at the campus exit. The board will investigate the process with regards to getting gates put in.

Standardised Tests:
The standardised test will be going ahead this year for classes 1 – 6.

School Costs for the New School Year:
The board are putting the school buget together for 2021/22 and are reviewing school costs. The hope is that we will be able to keep them the same as this year.

Be active Week:
The Be Active Week will go ahead agan this year but with a few changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. All classes will take part within their own bubbles.