Board of Management Meeting November 2020

Board of Management Meeting November 2020

Staff Absence durng the Covid-19 Pandemic:

The Board of Managment and school staff are working on a plean in the event of multiple absences on a given day or if the school or a class needs to close down due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. There has been a severe shortage of substitute teachers for a number of years now and during this pandemic classes cannot be split up amongst other classes. The plan is to put procedures in place to limit the need for sending classes home and to ensure continuity of education in the event that it does need to happen.

Interschool Meeting:

The chairperson and principal met via zoom with the chairperson and the principal of St. Coen’s National School to discuss co-operation between the two schools for the maintenance and health and safety of all usng the campus. It was a very good meeting and it was agreed to hold similar meetings at lest once a term. The principals will work together for the shared benifit of all on campus.

Annual Report:

The Board of Management’s Annual Report is ready now and will be sent to the school community via Aladdin. It will also be available to read on the school’s website

School Christmas Cards & Calendar:

The school pupils have designed their own Christmas Cards and they will be available to order through Aladdin. he school calendar will be available too in early January. Many thanks to Liz Drummond for organising these for us.

Children Protection Training:

The Board of Management are looking at getting training in the child protection procedures with CAPP in the new year.