Board of Management Meeting January 2020

Board of Management Meeting January 2020

The Chairperson welcomed the board members and the school population back and wished everybody and happy and prosperous new year.

Enrolment Policy:
The board reviewed the enrolment policy and offers for places for the coming 2020/21 school year will be sent out before the mid-term break.

Aladdin Connect:
The Board of Management have decided to invest in Aladdin Connect for the school to make communication with parents easier.Notes, announcements and school events will be communicated through Aladdin Connect.Parents wil be required to register with Aladdin Connect by downloading the app from Google Play Store (free of charge). A letter will issue to parents regarding this soon.Parents will then have to ensure that e-mail addresses and phone numbers are up to date with the school. Paper notes will still go out for the rest of this year but it is the aim to gradually reduce this and all messages to issue through Aladdin.

Educational Psychologist:
A new educational psychologist has been named by NEPS to work with the school and will begin shortly.

Sixth Class Pupil Climbing Tukal Mountain in Morrocco:
A sixth class pupil, Charlie Ó Maoláin, climbed Tukal Mountain with his family during the mid-term break. While doing this challenge he raised €914 for the school to buy sports equipment. We are very proud and grateful to Charlie for his personal achievement and the money raised for the school. Well Done Charlie!!

The New Language Curriculum:
The staff will be taking two half days for training in the New Language Curriculum. The school will be closed on Monday 16th Marchag 11.30am for the first half day. The second half day has not been arranged yet.

MPC Licence:
The board have gotten the MPC licence for the school. This allows the school to school films and tv programmes for both educational and recreational purposes.

School Activities:
The school will be taking part in STEM programme again this year. There was a science open day in November which was a great success. Everybody put in a lot of effort and all the projects were excellent.
The pupils of 4/5th, 5th and 6th classes are taking part in the Junior Entrepeneur Programme this year. We wish them every success with their ideas and projects.
Football and Soccer:The school will be taking part in football and soccer competitions again this year. Training will start soon.
Credit Union Quiz: Good luck to the senior and junior school teams taking part in the schools Credit Union Table Quiz at the end of the month.
The New School:
The roof is now on the building and the all the windows are in. The plans and photographs for the new school are on display in the rear building.